Our vision as an organisation is to grow the community of magic enthusiasts & performers in Africa. We managed to achieve “both” those goals with Sebastiano Olla. He’s been one of the most consistent supporters of our “Monday Night Magic” shows at our Cape Town Magic Club theatre company, from Season 1 to Season 7.

Before attending our “Monday Night Magic” shows, Sebastiano was already interested in the art of magic. When he found out about the shows, Sebastiano & his wife started attending regularly, and the company of performers got to know him well. A few of the Magic Africa Productions’ Talent have even worked with him as their videographer on various projects.

The “Monday Night Magic” show on 5 November was particularly special for Sebastiano: due to a cancellation from one of our performers, Founder & Producer Marcel Oudejans asked Sebastiano if he could be a ‘surprise guest performer’ in the show. He performed brilliantly, given the time-frame to prepare for the performance, and as a result, he received his “Cape Town Magic Club” Performer Pin!

We consider this a success of our vision because we were able to:

  • inspire a person clearly enthusiastic about our art
  • encourage his support of our theatre company & performers, and
  • he spent the time to the learn & perfect great magic through performances, demonstrated by his performances on his vlog.

As a young organisation, we celebrate and share Sebastiano’s joy in becoming a Performer in our community, as a result of the opportunities we create through our productions and shows.