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Articles tagged “experience”

Magic At Events: So Much More Than You Ever Imagined

Magical entertainment is an extremely effective & fun way to communicate your company's message to your audience or to introduce prospects to your product & brand. In this article, we provide examples of how magical entertainment was used by our clients in various industries for activations, roadshows, conferences and other meetings.

‘Magic’ vs ‘Tricks’: what’s the difference? A professional magician explains

There is an old adage: "You can teach a dog tricks but you cannot teach it magic." It begs the question: 'magic' versus 'tricks' – is there a difference? Professional Magician André Hermanus explains.

Now You See It, Now You Don’t: My Experience of Magic as a Blind Person

Guest writer Lois Strachan describes what she loves about magic shows - despite being totally blind. She explains what aspects of a magic show are particularly enjoyable for her, despite magic & illusion being a visual performance art.

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