“Is magic real?” 

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]his is one of the most asked questions a magician receives after a performance (besides men asking if we can make their wives disappear).

We have many responses that range from just laughing and saying we don’t know it just happens, all the way to asking them if what we did was real then why would we be performing with playing cards at a function instead of taking over the world. There really is no go way of quickly explaining that what a magician does is not real without causing confusion.

However, if we have the time we would explain that magic is, in fact, real … just not what you think.

When a magician performs something that is completely impossible it creates a feeling of wonder and amazement that takes a person back to their childhood where anything was possible. What a magician does looks impossible but they cannot break the laws of physics, simply create the illusion that they are able to break them. This means that magic is an emotion that the spectator experiences in their mind. A unique moment that happens when they believe they have witnessed something truly special.

This is the gift magicians give their audiences and why they make any event something that is unforgettable. We live in stressful times and being transported to a place of wonder where anything is possible is something everyone needs to experience.