[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he discussion as to whether magic is real or not will continue unabated as long as we have magicians and illusionists who challenge our eyes, our brains and our beliefs.

But what if, just for a moment, you could perform “real” magic, in the style of, say, Harry Potter and his friends? You can’t say you’ve never fantasised about this…

The founder of Magic Africa, performer and producer Marcel Oudejans says he would choose to travel on a broom.

“That way I could arrange my own transport, not have to go to airports or even use passport control. The downside is that I’d have to travel with my own food, drinks and coffee cart. And I believe the sleeping arrangement on a broomstick is precarious. On the other hand, it would help me avoid traffic in cities, so maybe more like a scooter than a plane.”

Oudejans can be seen on stage this February with colleagues Greg Gelb and Magic Man (aka Andrew Eland), in their new show “3 Funny Guys & A Pack Of Cards“. If you want to know why the ‘funny’ part, you only have to read their responses to this survey.

Magic Man [Photo Credit: Andrew Gorman]

Magic Man [Photo Credit: Andrew Gorman]

“I would conjure up a spell to be able to do my spells in English cause this Latin business is so yesterday,” says Magic Man. “And then I would create a spell and create a very clever unicorn – maybe two or three of them – and train them to do all the cool circus tricks.

“Then I would dress up like Gandalf but with multi rainbow colours and suspenders and magically descend from the top of a huge tent on my three-ring unicorn circus as the Master of Ceremonies. And play to thunderous applause…oh yeah… and that show will be seen and loved by every child on earth, opening their minds to creativity and fantasy. And they will know that magic is true.

“Plus, I want to see whether or not unicorns actually have a spiral horn like the ELAND or if it just straight.”

Greg Gelb [Photo credit: Andrew Gorman]

Greg Gelb [Photo credit: Andrew Gorman]

Greg Gelb’s choices are very practical; he says he’d love to be in two places at the same time: “I think it’s called astral projection. That way I can get twice as much done! I’d also like to be able to make food appear with a swish of my wand. And I want to fly. Oh yes, flying! But, flying without getting nauseated. I would also like to turn invisible and be invincible… which I recognise are not the same thing, although they do sound similar.”

Don’t miss these three funny magicians in their new show, “3 Funny Guys & A Pack Of Cards” this month at Drama Factory (14th February 2019) and Alexandar Bar (18 to 21 February 2019).

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