For centuries there has been the constant debate amongst conjurers, namely “which is better: Magic or Mentalism?”

On Tuesday 9 October, Magic Africa decided to put an end to this debate.

We located the perfect arena for this fight, café Roux in Cape Town’s CBD, where we had a veteran from each discipline take to the stage to battle it out. Representing the discipline of Magic was veteran corporate magician and producer of Cape Town Magic Club, Marcel Oudejans. Representing the Mentalism discipline hailing all the way from Port Elizabeth, Brendon Peel, international mind boggler and entertainer. Of course to ensure fairness and that there were no cheap shots taken during the match, we had Greg Gelb, professional comedy magician who called it like it is:“rather exciting”.

This was how the match worked:

There were three rounds, each round giving each discipline the opportunity to entertain the crowds. But there was a trick (because we are after all… magicians….): The first round, each competitor performed in their preferred discipline (Marcel Magic, Brendon Mentalism). Round two, however, the fighters swapped disciplines (Marcel Mentalism, Brendon Magic). Then Round three it switched back to normal like in Round one.

After each round, the audience decided which discipline they enjoyed more and marked their choices on a ballot, and at the end, they were collected and tallied up for a final verdict.

It was close. As close as it gets. 68 votes to 66, Mentalism took the cup. Magic did well coming 2nd place, but well you know what they say… what matters is how you finish, and by looking at the picture I guess we can say we all won… except mentalism actually won.