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“I need an impressive & amazing way to promote my brand at a launch event.”

Does this sound like what you're looking for?

We can help you keep your clients amazed, captivated & impressed at your upcoming launch event, by ensuring that your product, service or brand is presented in the most astounding & memorable way possible. Request a Quote now. We can arrange magicians and mentalists to provide a remarkable and entertaining way to promote your brand at any venue in Africa.

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It’s Easy To Make Product Launches Magical!

If you’re planning a launch event & you need to provide entertainment which is interactive, on brand, and effective, here are 4 typical scenarios that you may need assistance with:

  • You’d like a magical entertainer to reveal your product or introduce your service to your clients in a magical way,
  • You’d like a magical entertainer to use your product, service or brand in a magic trick,
  • You’d like an MC to entertain & make announcements during the launch, or
  • You’d like entertainment while your clients are mixing and mingling.

If this sounds similar to what you are planning, Magic Africa Productions can help you book a magician or mentalist to provide:

We’ve assisted dozens of companies & organisations throughout Africa to make their launch events fun & memorable – tell us more about your upcoming event by Requesting a Quote so that we can discuss your specific requirements & provide you with a customised online multimedia proposal that meets your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Yes, we’re able to add your company’s brand, logo, colour-scheme or products into a custom-made presentation, as we have done for dozens of clients in the past. Request A Quote, tell us more about your company, brand or theme & we’ll create a unique performance that will help your audience remember you.

We have worked with products small to large, virtual & tangible, from medicines to cars to liquor brands. Request a Quote so we can understand your product & event so that we can advise you on the best & most amazing method to promote it at your event.

We source & provide professional entertainers according to your location, requirements & budget. Each event has unique requirements & each performer has a different level of expertise, so we calculate a fee specific to your enquiry.  Which is why we invite you to Request A Quote & based on your event brief & a conversation, we’ll send you a personalised online, multimedia proposal that offers hand-picked show packages & different price options.

Yes, we provide magical entertainers throughout Africa. Based on your requirements & location, we’ll recommend performers in your area (if appropriate) or let you know that we need to transport a suitable act for your event’s location. If necessary, we may include travel & accommodation costs into your tailor-made proposal. Start by Requesting a Quote & we’ll make the appropriate recommendations.

Yes, we have performed & presented in a wide spectrum of venues & performance areas. During our briefing conversation, we’ll have a discussion with you to understand your venue & then we will be able to advise what kind of presentation would be appropriate & which of our performers is best suited.

Depending on the venue, you may be required to provide audio-visual equipment – we’ll make sure you get all the requirements in a clear technical rider. We recommend that you Request a Quote & we’ll contact you to discuss your event requirements & venue parameters.

Performances/presentations that take place for an audience of more than 40 people will normally require a stage, sound & lights. We want to make sure that everyone has the best possible experience of our work so we always ask detailed questions about your technical AV & venue parameters.

Detailed technical & venue riders with clear instructions will be provided to you with our proposal so that our performer can provide you with Maximum Entertainment Value. Our riders must be sent to your AV-service provider & venue manager.

In doubt? Request a Quote & we will discover your requirements quickly during our briefing conversation & make sure you’re fully informed.

Yes, our magical entertainers always adapt their performance to ensure that the humour & material is suitable for your audience & the nature of your event, so that you remember the entertainment all the right reasons.

We are proud members of the Southern African Association For The Conference Industry

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