Bryan Miles performing in "Monday Night Magic" at Cape Town Magic Club.

Bryan Miles performing in “Monday Night Magic” at Cape Town Magic Club. Photo credit: Andrew Goreman

Two Capetonians, mentalist Bryan Miles and award-winning sleight-of-hand artist Stuart Lightbody,  will be performing at the world-famous Magic Castle, home of the Academy of Magical Arts, in Hollywood, CA, from 5 to 11 March 2018.

This is not the first time Miles will be doing so either – already he’s one of youngest performers to appear at the Magic Castle in 2013 (aged 29) and again in 2015. He has performed across the globe, from London to New York, and appeared in his own primetime television series, SABC 3’s “One Day with Bryan Miles

Lightbody, the current South African Close-up Champion, will be making his first appearance, in the Castle’s Close-up Gallery. Stuart has represented his country at the World Magic Championships in Sweden and at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas. He has also won numerous local and international awards at arts festivals and magic gatherings, including two “Silver Ovation Awards” at the Grahamstown National Arts Festival, a “Weekly Best of Festival Award” at the Adelaide Fringe Festival and the “Creative Award” at the Prague Fringe Festival.


Sleight-of-hand artist, Stuart Lightbody

The two performers will join together to present the “magician lecture” on Sunday, a special presentation done exclusively for performing members of the Academy of Magical Arts.

Magicians, mentalists and magical performers worldwide will tell you that the invitation to perform at the Magic Castle is a great honour, as the selection committee is made of highly-respected members of the community. It reflects well on South African magic that Miles and Lightbody join the ranks of elite performers as two of a very small group of Africans to perform at the Magic Castle.