Magicians Without Borders (MWB), a non-profit organisation based in Vermont, USA, is a global community of magicians that perform magic shows for children in refugee camps, orphanages and hospitals around the world, “often in war torn places where love, laughter and magic are desperately needed”.

MWB announced this week that South African magician Jacques le Sueur would lead the organisation’s Education Chapter in Cape Town, South Africa. Le Sueur, a graduate of the College of Magic, is a professional magician that has performed worldwide through well over 50 countries for cruise ships, celebrity events, presidential dinners and other VIP events. For many years, he has also performed for schools, prisons and community organisations in townships and poverty-stricken areas in Africa.

“When you talk with [Jacques], you can feel the overflowing desire to use magic as a tool for social change, we are extremely proud and honoured that he wanted to work with us,” said MWB on their website. “We know that with his leadership, our new students in the Cape Town chapter will be positively impacted for the rest of their lives.”

Magician Jacques le Sueur

Magician Jacques le Sueur

Le Sueur’s classes will be offered in collaboration with CouldC Training & Development and R-City Cape Town. He will be assisted by facilitator Eddy Geswindt who was instrumental in collecting the children for the group. MWB also gave a special mention to Angelo Cotzee of CTD for his support.

MWB began when the organisation’s Founder, Tom Verner, a professor of Psychology, was traveling through Eastern Europe in 2001 and performed a few magic shows in the refugee camps of Kosovo and Macedonia. The shows were so well received, that Verner decided to take a leave from his teaching and perform full time. Verner and his wife, a visual artist and teacher, performing as a mime and clown in the shows, take six trips a year. They have traveled to Ethiopia, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, India, Bangladesh, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia Croatia, Ukraine, Haiti and Colombia. They performed for a month in Thailand and Burma after the tsunami and traveled through Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina.

According to their website, MWB has received many accolades for their work, and at the invitation of the United Nations, the organisation created a magic show that teaches children and adults about HIV/AIDS. They perform this educational and inspiring show in refuge camps around the world.

Magic Africa commends Le Sueur on his commitment to changing the realities of children in townships in Cape Town and looks forward to publishing reports of his Chapter’s successes.