[dropcap]M[/dropcap]agic Africa Productions strives to ensure as many people in as many different environments experience magical entertainment, so during the 2018 Super Rugby season, its magicians could be found at Newlands Rugby Stadium performing ‘Match Day Magic‘ for guests in the suites before the games began.

The magicians at Magic Africa are highly skilled performers who can handle any situation, and entertaining and amazing excited rugby fans sitting in the commercial suites with delicious finger foods and drinks certainly made for an interesting and exciting audience.

Magic Africa magicians, Marcel Oudejans & Andrew 'Magic Man' Eland, performed in the commercial suites at DHL Newlands on 17 March 2018

Magic Africa magicians, Marcel Oudejans & Andrew ‘Magic Man’ Eland, performed in the commercial suites at DHL Newlands on 17 March 2018

Magicians Marcel Oudejans, Jacques le Seuer, Greg Gelb, Andrew Klazinga, Ryan Jones, Russell Fox, Magic Man, and Larry Soffer performed for the guests of the suites owned by T-Systems, Tsebo Group, Alphawave, ARTS (African Road Transport System), Canon, FNB Corporate, and Grand West (among others).

They arrived at the stadium, pockets full of magical miracles, and did not disappoint. “The guests loved the interactions and, of course, the entertainment. It was just the right amount of magic to get the guests pumped for the game. Thank you to the Western Province Rugby Union for having us!” says Marcel Oudejans, Managing Director of Magic Africa.

Magic Africa was also invited to perform a mixture of strolling magic and a stage show for the DHL Stormers and their supporters at the De Zalze Golf Club in July, a wonderful evening preceded a fantastic game of golf.

By the time veteran magicians Greg Gelb and Ryan Jones arrived, the guests were relaxing outside, drinks and hors-d’oeuvres in hand, ready for an evening of wonderment and astonishment. As Gelb and Jones made their way around the tables, suddenly the chitter chatter was interrupted by continuous applause and excitement as Jones defied the laws of science and made two rubber bands pass through each other under extreme test-conditions!

On the other side of the room, Gelb was making a borrowed wedding band melt through a security cord and magically reattaching to the cord; finally, the ring disappeared from his hand and landed inside a wallet that was inside a wallet, that was inside a wallet, which had been on the table from the very beginning.

Soon, word got around that there was two special gentleman walking around, and the attention shifted to where they could be found. Jones landed up performing for Stormers hooker Scarra Ntubeni, where a freely thought-of card was found bruised onto Jones’s skin. See the picture below for Scarra’s priceless reaction.

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Photo Credit: Gavin Withers Photography


Gelb found himself performing for Stormers coaches – former player Robbie Fleck and forward coach Russell Winters – and their sponsors Brightrock and DHL. Gelb performed a piece of magic which required a member of the group to hold the pack of cards with their signed card lost in the middle. Gelb asked the group to imagine all the cards disappearing except for the chosen card. The group did just that… and when he lifted his hand up, the cards magically turned see-through, all except for the signed card.

The guests were ushered into the hall where they were welcomed and thanked by emcee Matt Pearce before he introduced Gelb to take the stage. Gelb, a Magic Africa comedy magician very comfortable on the stage, related his performance to the Stormers. He spoke about how important it is to get in the minds of the opponents, to understand how they tick, which led to the question “how would the game change if we can read minds?”. Gelb called upon flanker/lock Kobus Wiese and fullback SP Marias to assist. He proceeded to read the minds of the audiences as they chose words from books, which ended with SP on stage and a fun and interactive moment between the two.

“Let’s just say, there was a hug involved,” shares Gelb.

His second and final piece was addressing the fact everyone has fears and anxieties and the players, as big and as strong as they are, are no exception, especially before a big game. Gelb then spoke about his fears of sharp objects and loud noises and proceeded to do some self-therapy to help him overcome his fears.

Overall, the guests applauded, laughed, gasped, and were thoroughly entertained by these two talented performers.

“Thank you to the DHL Stormers for asking Magic Africa Productions to enhance the evening and be a part of celebrating the team for their hard work in the season,” says Gelb.

[Written by Greg Gelb, edited by Bianca Coleman & Marcel Oudejans]