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Lights, Camera, Magic!

Recently a group of magicians from Magic Africa Productions were asked to consult & perform for a high budget corporate video. Brendon Peel explains the process & how much effort it takes to create convincing effects & the filming process itself.

Kenyan illusionist to perform at Kyrgyzstan magic festival

Kenyan illusionist, Andrew Simiyu, will be performing at the Bishkek Magic Festival 2018 in Kyrgyzstan in March 2018. Magic.Africa interviewed Andrew to learn about his journey in magic.

Stuart Lightbody on “Good Omens” set with Neil Gaiman

Recent co-winner of the Fringe World Festival Theatre Award for his show 'Artiface with Stuart Lightbody', Stuart Lightbody was on the set of the "Good Omens" mini-series being filmed in Cape Town.

Larry Soffer leaves presenters speechless at CliffCentral

Nathan, Jane and Palesa are left gobsmacked by the mesmerising mentalist Larry Soffer. Silverware is bent, money is rendered useless, and Jane even discovers that she has mental abilities of her own!

World-renowned College of Magic welcomes record number of new students

The world-renowned College of Magic, Cape Town’s only magical arts organisation, welcomed a record number of 64 new students to its introductory classes on Saturday 3 February 2018.

Booking a magician for your event? Here’s how to get Maximum Entertainment Value

Professional corporate event entertainer, Marcel Oudejans, explains how you can get maximum entertainment value from booking a magician, mentalist, illusionist or magical entertainer for your event or function.

South African Magicians To Appear At Famous ‘Magic Castle’ in March 2018

Two Capetonians, mentalist Bryan Miles and award-winning sleight-of-hand artist Stuart Lightbody,  will be performing at the world-famous Magic Castle, home of the Academy of Magical Arts, in Hollywood, CA, from 5 to 11 March 2018.