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Greg Gelb

Greg Gelb

Greg has been wowing people with his magic and humour since he was 9 years old. Born and bred in the heart of Cape Town, Greg grew up with no formal magical training. Self-taught, he learned the craft and began reading books about magic from cover to cover, practising on whoever would stop and give their attention to the magic of Greg Gelb. Be prepared to be amazed, amused, astonished, and astounded as you join Greg on his journey of magic and mystery.

Referee’s Match Report: “Magic vs Mentalism” on 9 October 2018

For centuries there has been the constant debate amongst conjurers, namely “which is better: Magic or Mentalism?” On Tuesday 9 October 2018, Magic.Africa decided to put an end to this debate. "Match referee" Greg Gelb reports.

“How did you do that?” – Magician Greg Gelb Responds

"Hey Mr Magician, how did you do that?”. Magician Greg Gelb has been thinking about this for some time and it all lands up at the same beginning, namely: "Why do I do magic?" In this story, Gelb shares his insights as an expert magician & entertainer.