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Kenyan performer "Mchawi" (which in KiSwahili means 'wizard') performs magic & illusion with energy & panache, and is East Africa's first professional illusionist. Performances available in KiSwahili, English & Spanish.

By |22nd August 2019|


Glenn McMeeking, AKA "Glendini", has been studying the art of escapology since 2007. His extensive collection of handcuffs from around the world and his escape paraphernalia and performances have even caught the eyes of South Africa's Correctional Services.

By |20th August 2019|

Li Lau

Li Lau, AKA “One Crazy China”, performs what he likes to call ‘bizarre entertainment’ that features a uniquely daring blend of escapology (the art of escape) and sideshow stunts (e.g. fire eating and glass walking) with an added touch of magic and mentalism for good measure.

By |18th March 2019|
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